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Custom Home Additions

Your Lifestyle Moving Alternative… Affordably! 

As more and more home owners are deciding NOT to move to new homes, they are making the decision to stay and expand their present residence.

The local and national statistics speak for themselves. In plain language, the majority of homeowners are NOT moving into newer and smaller space at significant increased costs. Why spend more for less space? People are now re-investing in their present homes for longer term use.

The most popular additions we have built over the past few years are: 25% new master bedroom/bath areas, 25% family room additions, 20% custom sunrooms, 15% garage additions (1, 2, 3 car), 5% second story additions, 5% kitchen enlargements, and 5% bathroom additions.

The size of each addition ranges from 100 to over 1200 sq. ft. Costs vary depending on the type of addition and level of finish, whatever the customer has budgeted.

The equity value in any existing home and a home equity line of credit is an excellent source of initial financing even before considering a refinance of the entire house.

In this market, it just makes sense to remodel, add a room or expand overall house capacity and stay in your home.

Now that you have made the decision to expand or remodel your present home, let the professionals at Affordable Home Improvements make your dream home a reality.