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Kitchen Remodeling

Your Best Home Improvement… Affordably! 

The kitchen has the highest return on your remodeling investment. Realtors, appraisers, and independent studies have consistently reported that 100%+ of each dollar invested in a kitchen will be returned in the value of your home.

The focal point or heart of the home is the kitchen. It is where the family congregates, morning and night. It is where meals are prepared. It is the most important feature to the female in buying a home. This is critically important, considering women are responsible or influence 95% of all home purchases and remodeling decisions.

Kitchen remodeling falls into three categories: The first is re-design of space and complete replacement of cabinets, counters, appliances, paint, flooring, fixtures, and more. It may also involve moving walls or even expanding the kitchen into newly constructed space or another room. We consult and help the homeowner by providing options thereby making the decision process easier. The second is a partial kitchen remodel. This could involve either budget line new cabinets, replacing counters and sinks, repainting, possible replacement of appliances and perhaps new flooring. Partial remodeling is a good alternative for homeowners with a limited budget or who plan to stay in their present home for a short time. The third is a limited kitchen remodel. This would include re-facing existing cabinet frames, new doors, counter replacement, tile backsplash, electrical & lighting upgrades, paint, possible sink and flooring replacement. This approach is where the cabinets are good, but the kitchen needs some updating.

So whether it is a room addition, sunroom, kitchen or bath remodel, custom home construction, business remodel or on-going cleaning of your home or office, Affordable Home Improvements should be your first choice.